Scheduling Preferences : 10 Day Notice Policy

The SDBA Schedule uses a shared Google team / org sheet to enable schedule preferences to be clearly communicated to our scheduling service team. If your team / org sheet is not updated 10 days in advanced of a weekend schedule (e.g. by 9/13, for the 9/23,24 weekend schedule), your team will not be in the initial schedule.

Guidelines for the SDBA Schedule

All coaches, parents and players must show great character and participate in the game the right way.

Do not cancel on your opponent after the schedule is posted. More thoughts on game cancellations below. Multiple game cancellations will result in removal from the SDBA Schedule.

SDBA will be your scheduling service. Please do not schedule games outside of the schedule, as that inevitably creates more work and a less optimized schedule for all involved. Tournaments, of course, are an exception (excluding SDBA tournaments).

We have a Game Confirmation process that makes confirming your games each week very simple. Please commit to that process as part of being in the SDBA Schedule.

Scheduling is only as good as the information that is provided, so forward planning and good communication by teams in the SDBA Schedule is required. Thank you.

Conduct by coaches, players and parents is important to the participants in the SDBA Schedule. We would like all SDBA games to be played in an environment that creates a positive experience for all involved, win or lose.


Umpires will be provided / scheduled by the home team. Anywhere from $30 to $40 per team is fairly standard.

No Game Cancellations

​On almost a daily basis, I see Facebook posts, emails and hear about teams with cancelled games.  And it struck me --- my goal and vision for the SDBA Schedule is to eliminate all of that for the teams that are a part of our schedule.

Disorganized and whimsical teams should not be making life harder on clubs / teams that are well organized, and schedule out their season.

It's my job and service to all of you to make sure only teams that meet that high standard are a part of our schedule. This schedule is going to grow and evolve, and for it to be efficient and effective, we need to make sure we don't get caught up in that morass. Having said all of that, sometimes things come up and changes are needed, but our teams are the types of teams that take the responsibility on themselves to find a solution that works for all teams impacted.

Finally, I often get emails from teams wanting a game, or an extra game, outside of the schedule. The reality is, if the schedule runs as it should with organized, planned out teams doing what they should, scheduling extra games isn't really something that should happen.  And, I don't plan to spend time on this or to be a conduit between teams. That's for the world outside of the SDBB Schedule, and one I believe our teams do not want to be a part of.

I have tons of ideas on how we are going to improve the schedule over time and am excited to implement those improvements.  I have received many good ideas from my friends in this schedule, so thank you!