Year Round.  Partial season scheduling available --- you can register at anytime.

Here are the key benefits of joining our scheduling service:

Registration for the Scheduling Service is Now Open!

The SDBA Schedule is NOT a league playing games out of a specific facility or location. The schedule is a service that connects teams that have a home field (or not) to play games as part of a large schedule, with competitively balanced games and no cancellations as the priority.

Bottom line, the scheduling service takes care of what you would have to do if you scheduled your games on your own --- trying to find other teams, good matchups and dates / times that work well for your team.

Most teams are from Central and North County, but we typically have teams from all over the county that are a part of the schedule.

Scheduling Service Fee

Please Register before making a payment.

Note: Home team secures an umpire and the cost is split between the two teams.

Through no fees payment methods (family and friends), you can also pay via Venmo (@holisticbaseball) or PayPal (

If payment verification is required by Venmo, the last 4 of the phone number is 6017

Scheduling "Seasons"

Common Questions

Bats (Policy) for 13U and 14U Divisions

The assumption for games in the schedule is:

13U : No restrictions. We have our personal opinions here, but don't believe we need to monitor bat usage at this age level.

14U : Should be using BBCOR or wood bats only. If coaches chat before the game some exception is made for an undersized player or two that will swing a Drop 5 (especially during the Fall / Winter schedules), we don't see the harm in that --- but, it should be decided / identified beforehand --- and the should use Drop 5 (nothing more).

Please review the SDBA Scheduling Guidelines before you register.  If you have any questions about the schedule, please email me at