SDBA Schedule

The SDBA Schedule is NOT a league playing games out of a specific facility or location. The schedule is a service that connects teams that have a home field (or not) to play games as part of a large schedule, with competitively balanced games and no cancellations as the priority.

Bottom line, the scheduling service takes care of what you would have to do if you scheduled your games on your own --- trying to find other teams, good matchups and dates / times that work well for your team.

Need a Thanksgiving Weekend Game? (which is not part of the Fall Schedule)

Winter Schedule Starts the Weekend of December 4th / 5th (Register Today)

This is a schedule, not a league, where teams host games as part of an overall schedule, optimized for competitive play and player development.

Most teams are from Central and North County, but we typically have teams from all over the county that are a part of the schedule.

The Fall 2021 schedule had around 180 teams participating.

Scheduling Service Fee

Through no fees payment methods (family and friends), you can also pay via Venmo (@holisticbaseball) or PayPal (

If payment verification is required by Venmo, the last 4 of the phone number is 6017

$150 - Limited to no home field access.

$100 - Special Requests and / or you have limited (not consistent) access to a home field. For example, you need the scheduler to work around a coach that has 2 different teams.

$50 - If you provide a home field game slot for all of your games. This does not automatically mean all your games will be played on your home field.

Scheduling "Seasons"

  • Fall Schedule : September - November (Note : We do not schedule Thanksgiving weekend)

  • Winter Schedule : December - February (Note : We do not schedule the weekend before Christmas and New Year's)

  • Spring Schedule : March - May

  • Summer Schedule : June - August

Common Questions

  • Each team in your program needs to register, as that information feeds into the overall scheduling system.

  • Home team schedules the umpire, and the cost is shared between the two teams.

  • Each team will provide black out dates, or other pertinent scheduling information.

Please review the SDBA Scheduling Guidelines before you register. If you have any questions about the schedule, please email me at

Fall Schedule

  • September 11/12 - November 20/21, 2021

  • Option : Early August 2021 Scheduling Services

Winter Schedule

  • December 2021 - February 2022

Spring Schedule

  • March 2022 - May 2022

No scheduling services offered during the month of June of July. Subject to change.